Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Why I like Sybarites

It didn't occur to me until after a conversation last night with a friend who I have not talked to in a while that, that I realised what I liked about the Sybarites, by Superdoll in London.

I have collected, over the last 20 years one doll or another, with my love for fashion, I leaned to Gene Marshall and Tonner 10 years ago. Then about 7 years ago I started collecting Japanese Ball jointed dolls such as Volks and Korean dolls such as Custom House. I began to lose interest in them not because of the Sybarites, but because their style and design became samey

These companies now seem to churn out, one after the other the same old stuff, or they bring out similar items to other existing companies. In fact Companies like Dollheart are now re-doing outfits they released a few years ago, only in different fabrics, it's now become stale and boring.

2005 - The sybarties came along and over the last four years the dolls have been through several incarnations of body styles and additional sculpts. What I really love about them is that everytime a collection comes out from Charles and Des, that it wows me to no end. They are edgy and keep my interest up with their sense of style and glamour. This is why I probably like them so much, that, in the four years I have been collecting the dolls and outfits, I never tire of get bored of what is up for offer.