Monday, 29 October 2012

Millies Fungi Foray!

A couple of weeks ago we hit Chadkirk Park for some mushroom foraging,
Millie is dressed up snug and warm
It is a bit chilly out here...  


We came across a little patch of Fairy Ring Champignon
These make nice eating for Makie 

A nice small selection of Amethyst Deceiver (despite a few nibbles here and there by the local critters)
Really!!! It wasn't me who nibbled them.        

Millie finds a TINY Makie sized shroom
Perfectly Sized!!
Look what we found in here, a pretty rare Cauliflower Fungus
Nice- Don't want to get too close- I've watch enough Dr Who to know better

Millie decided to venture a little further down the path and we came across this newly built bridge over the river

I must take a photo of this!

My What a lovely day it was, despite the wet and mud!
Time to stop at the Chapel and have a nice hot cuppa!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The finished result (with a SHRUBBERY!!!)
Sorry for the crap pix but this is literally an 11th hour finish (as the boots arrived today for customising)
I won't have a chance to take any more daylight pix until we hit makielab!!
A nice one and not too expensive

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Working on a costume

An elf, a wood fairy a minxy sprite?
It's millie modeling my interpretation of Makie Labs Elf costume
This is Makielab version

And here is my real life interpretation
The real thing!

I made wings (but they look like bat wings rather than fairy wings - my first attempt)
Big wings!

Still I think I didn't do too bad

Ah - the life of a wood fairy

Look, I can do the splits!