Monday, 25 February 2013

Teds New Duds!

Ted has expressed to me his annoyance that the girls (Cosma & Millie) have been getting all the attention and new clothes, glasses etc

So I have taken note and made Ted a new wig, and a couple of hoody tops (using makielab pattern) (which I hope will satisfy him for a little bit)

I must say, I can make children's hoodies with one arm tied behind my back and blindfolded (I used to make most of my boys clothes when they were small) but tackling these tiny hoodies was quite a feat.

We seem to have a bit of snow falling

It's a bit Chilly!

Ted showing off his Popobe bear hoodie

and the Ninja - You loose - orange hoodie

You know you fight a Ninja you are already lost to his stealth!!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Fashion Week comes to Manchester

London Fashion Week comes to Manchester

Dress, jewellery and wig by ME!
Goggles - Makielab
Shoes - Integrity
Model - Cosma - Makielab

We can't decide - Goggles

We call this Nyctophobia

or No goggles

Or perhaps Untamed ferocity

A Close up with Goggles
Either name I'm just FABULOUS

Saturday, 16 February 2013

iDye my little eye something beginning with Jacquard

Ok, this is going to be a VERY picture heavy post, essentially I am going to narrate a step by step on experimenting with iDye polyester & nylon fabric dye. No Makies were harmed in this process and I felt due to the nature of the experiment for now, It wouldn't be a good idea for them to be present, since this is my first go.

This Jacquard  dye is a special dye is specifically used for dyeing synthetic fabric. It states in the packaging that it could be done using the boiling and non boiling method. I kind of created my own method as I went along :P I will point out that at no time did I need a rolling boil and there was just a little smell, like you were burning plastic on a flame but it did not permeate the room or the rest of the house!

Step 1 - I bought myself this morning from Tescos a 24cm stockpot stainless steel pan with lid (£12.99) and stainless steel slot spoon £2.50) - I felt this essential as the dye says don't use the same pots that you use for cooking. Because of my time limitations, I just bought new but you could buy from a Charity Shop.

Please excuse my dirty stove top  My son's had used it the night before and I didn't clean it before starting

Step 2, I gathered the following 'ingredients' as such

Assorted Makie bits
a pan lined with foil
scissors (to open the dye & intensifier)
slotted spoon
plastic cup
Gloves (rubber or latex - already on my hands when I took the pix :O)
pomegranate for snacking (optional)
wooden coffee stirring stick (not shown) or unused chopstick leftover from Sushi takeaway.
Stockpot - stainless steel (It also suggests you can use enamel)
Some paper towel for drying.

Step 2
Fill the pot with some hot water- I put in about 4 inches worth - Place on stove top

Step 3

Place about 1/4 teaspoon of the dye powder  into the plastic pot and add a little hot water  and stir until mixed.

Step 4

Add some Makie bits to the water in the pot. Turn on the cooker to heat the water. I then added the dye liquid to the water in the pot. I stirred a bit then added a small squirt of the intensifier. Just before boiling point (steam coming up) I covered the pot and let it sit, stiring periodically. (pomegranate - NOM!)

Step 5 - This is the part you go Holistic. It's all up to you how dark you want your Makie to be so you will have to watch the coloring as it goes along. I do suggest you buy some bits, and use a timer and experiment with shades before you commit to doing your Makie

After about 10 mins of stewing- the results so far

I also decided to try dipping some bits in for different lengths of time, so this one is about 3 mins. I also decided as the water started cooling, I would start up the cooker again and gently add some heat, again so it just reaches just before boiling point then switch off again

Step 6
I decided after about 15 mins it was a lovely brown that I liked so I removed the bits with a slotted spoon- word of advice- count how many bits you put in and make sure you get that many out- it's hard to tell with the dark colored water LOL

Step 7
Rinse the pieces under cold water thoroughly

You can see that the temp (in Fahrenheit) is about 168 which is almost about 3/4 way to boiling point- It seems that you can keep it at approx this temp (give and take a few degrees) that it is perfect for dyeing Makies and hopefully won't cause shrinkage. I'm hoping the lab can do more testing to confirm that. I just covered the bottom of my thermometer with plastic wrap to stop contamination.

I thought well, while I am testing, I would see if pieces of another color could be dyed too.
If you go back to one of my earlier experiments, I used a water based artist ink and painted it on the bit (watered down) This is one of the bits. The first pieces was watered down and painted on. The 2nd piece was the ink directly being dropped onto the nylon piece itself

This was the bit that had the ink directly put onto it- After about 3 mins in the dye bath

Here are all the bits I experimented with, all done- They were all rinsed under water and this is how they turned out. Please note that they are a bit darker as they are still wet.
This picture is under inside lighting

These next few pictures are daylight outside

Take note of these two pieces- they were the ones that had some existing ink coloring on them. The one with the non watered ink came out splotchy tho the lighter colored ink panel (watered down ink) actually came out fine so we could almost say you could dye over an existing lighter hue.

I also wanted to test if the coloring rubbed off. When I have colored fabrics in the past, the colors have run or bled  a little when washed. I did rub a bit against a paper towel (while still damp) and there was just a touch of color, so I decided it would need a wash!

Test piece- before washing

Placed in cup of warm water- you can see that some of the color bleeds a fraction

The package suggests you wash your fabric in mild detergent so I thought what the heck, I would try using some fairy dish washing liquid. So I added a smidgen, agitated it a bit

After rinsing, you can see the color didn't change after washing in detergent, so I am happy with that

Had to hang out the Laundry- so out they went onto the line for half an hour too!

Time for that nice Chai Tea Latte that hubby made from scratch for me! (and a bit of a kit kat chunky- NOM!)

Part 2 - the results to come whilst I make a Quiche for dinner first (OMG)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

POM POM PONCHO - Patagonia - here we come!

Well, in spirit anyway. With all these dismal grey cold days here in the UK,  Cosma thought she would add a bit of warmth and color to you day!  In this spirit, we would like to offer as a prize this cosy handmade by me rainbow soft fleece poncho and co-ordinating handmade brown wood bead necklace with green dyed emblem turquoise charm. All you have do is post in the comments,

 I love to hear the Pan Pipes of Patagonia!

The pattern was adapted from the Makielab cape pattern and the necklace was designed by Moi.
We'll draw an entry from a hat when we get at least 10 replies! Everyone is welcome to enter (including Makielab employees)  Good Luck!

Warm and Fuzzy Makie pom pom poncho with necklace

Ready to Trek in Patagonia- Where's me pan pipes???

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Need I say more?

Double Posting today as I share my WONDERFUL prize made by Duckiemonster, from Makie Couture -a hand sewn tartan dress. We won it in a raffle over the new year. It's suit's Millie to a T, especially with her red Doc Martens and her gorgeous red cats eye specs. Millie says, THANKS DUCKIE!

Makies RULE OK

Cosma the Samurai - Katana Style.

Cosma is modelling today a brilliant kimono top by Michelle from the Makielab Forum. Cosma won it in a competition so I wanted to do it justice and show it off with our newly painted Katana Sword. The sword originally was dyed an orange red color. I've had my son paint the blade silver with a brown hilt with some black dry brushing over it. I then removed the plastic chain, leaving one link which was painted silver and added in some scaled black metal belcher chain. I'm quite impressed how it turned out.

         Cosma here ready for action!! Hairstick by me - Top by Mitchie - Cowboy boots by Makielab

Step away from the treasure chest.

                                           A side view

Makes a handy kitchen chopper too

                                          A close up view of the painted sword

In the wrong hands this could be a lethal weapon

                                                   You don't want to mess with this gal!!

You talkin' to me?????

After a long session, time to eat- Some Chinese takeaway hits the spot (takeaway box and chopsticks by me!)

Some lovely lemon Chicken- Nom!