Monday, 25 February 2013

Teds New Duds!

Ted has expressed to me his annoyance that the girls (Cosma & Millie) have been getting all the attention and new clothes, glasses etc

So I have taken note and made Ted a new wig, and a couple of hoody tops (using makielab pattern) (which I hope will satisfy him for a little bit)

I must say, I can make children's hoodies with one arm tied behind my back and blindfolded (I used to make most of my boys clothes when they were small) but tackling these tiny hoodies was quite a feat.

We seem to have a bit of snow falling

It's a bit Chilly!

Ted showing off his Popobe bear hoodie

and the Ninja - You loose - orange hoodie

You know you fight a Ninja you are already lost to his stealth!!!


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