Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dyeing to meet you...

I've taken the plunge- Cosma is done and I am really pleased with the results. I settled on using #453 brown idye poly after doing experiments with other dyes, inks and natural organic methods. My aim was to have a nice even coating and a lovely rich color which Jacquard dye certainly achieved. The brilliant thing was that I was able to just use small amounts of the packaging to achieve the results. Because it is a premix powder that is added to water, it is possible in future to do mix powders and create a whole range of hues and colors. We used a previously dyed sample piece as a comparison color. Using the dye enhancer is optional too! Duckiemonster and the Welsh lab contingency were on hand to help!

So first of all, Cosma was put into a unconscious state so she could be disassembled

Good Luck Cosma!

The team is assembled, ready to help

Accounted and present!

Equipment is assembled

Gloves ON!

NOT like that Ted!

Ok, so they are a bit big for you- You're excused!

Parts are Washed in warm soapy Water

And left to dry a bit

Strawberry Twizzer anyone? Staple to any Scientist.

The dyeing process commences, preparing the dye.

Dye is added to the simmered water

Millie staying WELL away from the dye

Timer is set, We've decided a range of one and a half minutes to two for pieces should give the effect we want

Head goes in First..
The results, we are VERY pleased

The body is done!- We've decided to speed up the drying process with a cool, slow dryer
so we can see the if the dry results are what we want. The wet finish looks a bit darker.

Tea Break Time?

The hairdryer accidently moves course
You sexy Scientist Ted!

The Makie Cage is PERFECT for dyeing hands and small bits!

Parts are done!

Quality Control Inspects

Looks good to me!

Ready to assemble and re animate



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