Friday, 6 July 2012

In light of the UK Formula 1 at Silverstone this weekend...

Millie decides that she needs a car of her own.  I had a dig around under the bed upstairs and low and behold I found this mini which I had completely forgotten about. There was a smaller coupe car that I was thinking might work for but it had no room for her legs. This is actually a SINDY car licensed by Mini Car company released about 10 years ago but don't tell Millie that!. I've already ordered the new number plates :-O

It's a good fit! as you can see inside. Maybe because Sindy had a bigger head than Barbie!

Millie in her UK Mini

Quite the Sportster she is

As you can see, perfect sizing

Millie is quite chuffed with her new car

Of course she will be watching the race this weekend . Shown here with her favourite Mclaren driver Lewis Hamilton


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